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The Benefits Of Buying Used

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Though there are several advantages to buying a new car, many car buyers are now opting for used cars instead. That’s because pre-owned vehicles offer better pricing options, a wider selection, and more. You can even select certified pre-owned vehicles now, which come with vehicle inspections, history reports, and added warranties. If you’re looking for a truly affordable ride, start shopping for a used car today.


The most obvious reason to buy used is because of better pricing. While some used cars have wear and tear, one of the major reason used cars are less than new cars is due to depreciation. In fact, some cars lose up to 40 percent of their value in the first three years due to lowered demand. By getting a used car, you avoid this initial depreciation and save big. Plus, with a lower sticker price you tend to save on taxes, registration fees, and insurance costs.


Some cars, trims, and features are only offered on select years—one reason to buy used. If you especially love the look of a certain car that’s no longer made, you’ll need to shop the used car lot. Plus, when you don’t stick to one model year—like you do when shopping for new cars—you open up a wider range of possibilities.

Certified Pre-Owned

Many places now offer certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles as well. Most of these cars come with vehicle history reports, rigorous inspections, and added warranties. Even if you don’t opt for a CPO model, you can still buy a used car and ask for a vehicle history report. With the surge in websites that offer information about used cars, you can buy with peace of mind.
Consider buying used if you want the most affordable option and special selection. With CPO models and other online tools, it’s now easier than ever to buy as well. Stop by Pfeiffer Used today to see our massive selection of used vehicles.


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