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Spring Auto Maintenance in Grand Rapids, MI
Spring Auto Maintenance | Grand Rapids, MI

Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

The beginning of the season is the perfect time to do some maintenance on your vehicle, and it’s especially important in spring, after the severe weather of winter. Help your car recover from winter and get it ready for the warm seasons with these easy spring maintenance tips.

Follow your maintenance schedule


If you look in your owner’s manual, there should be a schedule telling you at what mileage it’s best to get different kinds of maintenance on your car. If you’re behind on anything, do it now! Following a routine maintenance schedule is essential to a long-lasting vehicle.

Refresh the fluids


After winter is the perfect time to get an oil change because winter is rough on your car. But the motor oil isn’t all you need to focus on. You might also want to do a coolant flush, so you can flush out any debris that prevents the coolant from doing its job before it gets really hot. Check your wiper fluid and brake fluid, too, and top them off as needed.

Replace air filters


A lot of grime builds up in your car during the winter, and the air filters are no exception. Both your engine air filter and cabin air filter should be replaced in the spring. A new cabin air filter will help your air conditioning work more efficiently so you should get it done before summer starts.

Replace your wiper blades


Spring is rainy, and you need fresh blades to keep your windshield clear, especially if you currently have winter blades. Don’t overlook this simple fix.

Check your tires


Winter is hard on your tires, and so is transitioning from cold weather to warm. Make sure you switch winter tires out for all-season or summer tires; check the tire pressure; and examine the tread to make sure you still have plenty of traction.

Remember to schedule a complete spring maintenance check with our service department at Pfeiffer Used Cars, too.

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